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Random from Art of my Characters


A collection of works made by the lovely people I've commissioned, requested from, traded with or been gifted from all of my own characters..... or myself lmao <3<3 Thanks so much guys n' gals~! I love them all :D Some of these images are from another website I was frequently on called MysticalEquine. The images above are on a random image circulation site called hence why they are always different.


Thought (ReAnimated) by The-TimeRunner

When comparing this to the original version you can see such a stunning improvement in the workmanship. The lighting is perfectly lendi...

Anything I may have critiqued can be found in yonder critiquing box :D


..:: || Fursona/Persona || ::..

My fursona/persona is a shapeshifter and she uses different names for all her forms. :D Below are a few images of these various forms of hers :D

True form: Bones - Bones - fursona true form by The-Bone-Snatcher
div2 by SoulDrive
Main Fursona: Kiador - Kiador Redo Refsheet by The-Bone-Snatcher
Loup Garoux Kiador Loup Garoux form by The-Bone-Snatcher
div2 by SoulDrive
Dragon: Quillan - Quillan Reference Sheet by The-Bone-Snatcher
div2 by SoulDrive
Tiger: Saaun - Saaun Reference Sheet by The-Bone-Snatcher
div2 by SoulDrive
Horse: Dunder - New Dunder Ref Sheet by The-Bone-Snatcher
--Second Horse: Void - Void by The-Bone-Snatcher
div2 by SoulDrive
Fox: Spooky - Spooky by The-Bone-Snatcher
div2 by SoulDrive
Cat: Bleach - Bleach by The-Bone-Snatcher
div2 by SoulDrive
Human: Amber "Ember", Bones, Shion, - Well, I think this would be self explanatory considering I am human hahha

I find myself constantly changing so my fursona and her forms change as well. These appearances may eventually change xD


Below are some of my original characters from my novel, di-moni-ak and some of my other favourite characters of mine ^^ If you are curious about any of them or my book please do feel free to ask me about them/it or if you're into role playing, check out my role play account associated with my book series ;D DemonKing-Memphis

div2 by SoulDrive
the Ticket Taker:
the Ticket Taker by The-Bone-Snatcher Portait of the Taker by The-Bone-Snatcher
Memphis - Full Body by The-Bone-Snatcher the Man beneath the Beast by The-Bone-Snatcher Memphis GIMP - WIP by The-Bone-Snatcher Memphis by The-Bone-Snatcher The King and I by The-Bone-Snatcher The Young King, the Old King by The-Bone-Snatcher Memphis Torture by The-Bone-Snatcher ..:: The Tortured Soul ::.. by The-Bone-Snatcher Gift 4 Orohknhlover by The-Bone-Snatcher Memphis wolf and Shion by The-Bone-Snatcher the Creator and the Creation by The-Bone-Snatcher ..:: My Remains ::.. by The-Bone-Snatcher
Shion WIP by The-Bone-Snatcher Shion dragon and Memphis by The-Bone-Snatcher
Crasious - Full Body by The-Bone-Snatcher ..:: My Brothers Pain ::.. by The-Bone-Snatcher
Summit full body - Flat colours by The-Bone-Snatcher Summit Sketch GIMP redo by The-Bone-Snatcher Summit Sketch by The-Bone-Snatcher Summit - Damian by The-Bone-Snatcher
Fin - Lucien Coloured by The-Bone-Snatcher Young Fin,Lucien by The-Bone-Snatcher Brothers in Arms - Final by The-Bone-Snatcher Fin and Summit WIP by The-Bone-Snatcher
Jesileth WIP by The-Bone-Snatcher Jesileth by The-Bone-Snatcher
Ceirek by The-Bone-Snatcher
Eli, Guardian of Heros by The-Bone-Snatcher
Sampson by The-Bone-Snatcher
Murruk by The-Bone-Snatcher
Zenubwae by The-Bone-Snatcher
Sepulchral - Creature Entry by The-Bone-Snatcher

div2 by SoulDrive

Let us showcase some of my favourite work of my own~! It is in no particular order except for maybe the first few but beyond that this is just a collection of my favourites from throughout my gallery :D

div2 by SoulDrive
the Man beneath the Beast by The-Bone-Snatcher..:: My Remains ::.. by The-Bone-Snatcher..:: The Tortured Soul ::.. by The-Bone-Snatcherthe Ticket Taker by The-Bone-SnatcherTanager by The-Bone-SnatcherYomi the Taini-ba by The-Bone-SnatcherThe Butler in a Storm by The-Bone-Snatcher-the Keeper of Records- by The-Bone-Snatcher..::The DaRkNeSs Inside Me::.. by The-Bone-Snatcher..:: Hollow ::.. by The-Bone-SnatcherGemini by The-Bone-Snatcherthe Man in the Mirror by The-Bone-SnatcherGod of the Valley - Anubis by The-Bone-SnatcherCome Fly with Me -- Into a Fantasy by The-Bone-SnatcherEli, Guardian of Heros by The-Bone-SnatcherQuillan sketch by The-Bone-SnatcherMegara Aethos by The-Bone-SnatcherSepulchral - Creature Entry by The-Bone-SnatcherQuillan - Shadow Trial by The-Bone-SnatcherAuzikatae, Dragon God of the Seas by The-Bone-SnatcherArigoth - WIP by The-Bone-Snatcher..:: Minding the Dunes ::.. by The-Bone-SnatcherCaim and Angulus - Drakengard by The-Bone-SnatcherGift 4 SapphireItrenore by The-Bone-SnatcherShaui of Egypt by The-Bone-SnatcherFin and Summit WIP by The-Bone-SnatcherCrasious - Full Body by The-Bone-Snatcher:thumb315606773:Cyanide -- Vios Mare by The-Bone-SnatcherNeevu Ref Sheet by The-Bone-SnatcherJackal GIMP Shading Test by The-Bone-SnatcherJackal by The-Bone-SnatcherGoku's Watchful Eye WIP by The-Bone-SnatcherEymbir VS Broly WIP by The-Bone-SnatcherBroly vs Jackal by The-Bone-SnatcherWolf GIMP Test - WIP by The-Bone-SnatcherEymbir Ref Sheet WIP by The-Bone-SnatcherNero and Night WIP 2 by The-Bone-SnatcherNight Sparda/Cassius by The-Bone-SnatcherCassandra Kit by The-Bone-SnatcherNight's Sword - Hades by The-Bone-SnatcherBroly the Legendary Dragon by The-Bone-SnatcherThe Bound Woman by The-Bone-SnatcherLine art commission by The-Bone-SnatcherPyramid Head by The-Bone-SnatcherVyolent - Kiqua Female by The-Bone-SnatcherKiador and Kita by The-Bone-SnatcherMemphis Wolf Form by The-Bone-SnatcherForest Mushrooms by The-Bone-SnatcherThe Secret by The-Bone-Snatcher.:: The Long Winding Path ::. by The-Bone-SnatcherBroly LSSJ by The-Bone-SnatcherBardock by The-Bone-SnatcherAndroid 13 by The-Bone-SnatcherVegito by The-Bone-SnatcherRestitution Vergil Ref by The-Bone-SnatcherDante ..::DMCA Fanart::.. by The-Bone-SnatcherVergil ..::DMC3MangaFanart::.. by The-Bone-SnatcherNero ..::DMC4 Fanart::.. by The-Bone-SnatcherDxN by The-Bone-SnatcherThat Butler, Revolting by The-Bone-SnatcherEric *Claude* Faustus - The Butler of the Opera by The-Bone-SnatcherAsk-Kuroshitsuji - Claude Question 87 textless by The-Bone-SnatcherSebastian x Claude Flat Colours by The-Bone-SnatcherUroboros Wesker - Finished by The-Bone-SnatcherWesker and Chris -- Coloured Sketch by The-Bone-Snatcher..::Your Future Hinges Upon this Fight::.. by The-Bone-SnatcherDaryl Dixon - Wallpaper no text by The-Bone-SnatcherJack Frost - Snowy Background by The-Bone-SnatcherOkami Amaterasu and Issun by The-Bone-SnatcherLink - Twilight Princess by The-Bone-SnatcherGeneral Ronin - Epic (2013) by The-Bone-Snatcher


Bone Shakers Species

I have dabbled in adoptables and species creation over the years and here is a group/stable dedicated to the creatures I have created and a list of those species <3

div2 by SoulDrive

Anam Drochaigeanta

Bones - fursona true form by The-Bone-SnatcherMegara Aethos by The-Bone-SnatcherStitch by The-Bone-Snatcher
This one is not my character as I made the design with the intention of auctioning it off. The character belongs to someone else. Anam Drochaigeanta Character - GONE by The-Bone-Snatcher

div2 by SoulDrive

Vios Lumaen

Cyanide -- Vios Mare by The-Bone-SnatcherKesriael -- Vios Stallion by The-Bone-SnatcherAtrocity -- Vios Mare by The-Bone-SnatcherViral -- Vios Stallion by The-Bone-SnatcherVolatile -- Vios Mare by The-Bone-SnatcherVoid -- Vios Stallion by The-Bone-SnatcherBanshee -- Vios Mare by The-Bone-SnatcherWarlock -- Vios Stallion by The-Bone-Snatcher

div2 by SoulDrive

Underworld Terror

Void by The-Bone-Snatcher

div2 by SoulDrive

Great Northern Eos

Neevu Ref Sheet by The-Bone-SnatcherNajeet Ref Sheet by The-Bone-Snatcher

div2 by SoulDrive


Goliath by The-Bone-SnatcherTanager by The-Bone-Snatcher

div2 by SoulDrive

These are closed species but I do often auction off designs of them and open up customs and "breeding seasons" so if you're interested in one please join/check out Bone-Shakers-Species and keep an eye out for new imports, customs and/or breeding seasons opening up in the future ;D

(c) All creatures/species/breeds are copyright to Amber "Ember" Peckham ((Bones // Shion)) and Bone-Shakers-Species :iconbone-shakers-species:
-- Any designs auctioned off do become the property of the purchaser and the character and story attached to said design remain with them however the breed/species/creature will always remain mine.


What do you use?

div2 by SoulDrive
Generally I use a various cornucopia of things to do my work. Below is a list of my "tools of the trade" so to speak ;D
div2 by SoulDrive
Traditional Hardware:

Any pencil drayons/coloured pencils I can get my hands on.
Prisma markers with brush tips
Oil pastels
Chalk pastels
Acrylic paint
Water colour paints
Sharpie permanent markers
Diamond infused led for mechanical pencils
Copic markers off and on
Smudge tools
Generic sketchbooks that vary depending on paper quality
Generic printer paper
div2 by SoulDrive
Digital Hardware:

Dell Latitude E6440 laptop
iPad mini Model A1432
Microsoft wireless mouse
Generic stylus
div2 by SoulDrive

GIMP 2.6
Art Studio Pro for iOS


For the record.....

 photo tumblr_lv7dkkigOD1ql7aks_zpsf5a4f654.gif

 photo tumblr_mcj70z9wfG1r5cmqwo1_500_zpse59fc2b1.gif
This is how protective of my characters I am. No word of a lie... lol
div2 by SoulDrive
[STAMP] Gore Games by EmfenJack Frost by Scarecrow--StampsChris Redfield Stamp by angelbebop8Wesker Fan GIRL Stamp by Wesker-ChickEvil Is Sexy by Wesker-Chick::Wesker vs Chris:: gif by Claire-Wesker1Resident Evil 5 Stamp by badtraneMy OC's don't define me by UmbrafenFCKING EVIL by greenmamba5DBZ: Vegetto Stamp by MammaCarnageBrolly stamp by LegendaryInsanityCanada Stamp by NoNamepje+I L O V E My OC's+ by Darkest-OfTimesMy characters talk -stamp by Sysirautait's in your hand, genius by lynseylewI Hate Math by l8Hello, my name is.. by cfryantSlow interwebz by prosaixPull Your Goddamn Pants Up by alaska-is-a-huskyCharacters Stamp by ShivaReaverRping as opposite sex stamp by ARTic-WeatherSix Flags - Dancing old man by Cathines-Stampsi love the night by kailorOpinion stamp by xAshleyMxStamp: Don't make me Zelda by NightabsolChinese Zodiac - Goat by SharkfoldIgnoring Vs. Flaming Stamp by tiirikkaToo many things -stamp- by ShantellaOC's are the best by birdewilliams.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoCopious Amounts of FAIL by StamPorMoleOC Fangirl Stamp by rynokiAnime does not mean close mind by kat-reveriePairings Stamp by fluffy-the-wolfThe Early Stamp by BusirisDBZ Abridged Popo Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogundeviantART writers stamp by Frelly-Is-Kellyplease BROWSE the gallery by StampsByNeekko..Ever Wonder.. Stamp by SailorSolarYes they are. by Monster-BoarConfusing Flamers Stamp by ZombiDJAnti-Drug Stamp --READ THE DESCRIPTION-- by WolvenFlamesI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteStamp: -wishwishwish- by PyratesqueForget Stamp by MaiyunProcrastination stamp by Valyria-WolfStamp: You're Just Jealous by Raine-RoseWeird Stamp by wyldflowerNo Respect by MegSyvFanfic theft stamp by xDemonxAkumaxZomg a Stamp by CU441ESUseless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9XD Stamp by MimiMarieTStamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317Normal People Scare Me Stamp by trinitylastToo Busy To Die by TheseKrimzonFlamesSarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01Pirate Stamp by phantomWhy I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragainDevil May Cry Stamp by GieGieI still love PS2 Stamp__ by DarkShelkeEbony and Ivory by skinnyveestampSleepy head by prosaixLate... by prosaixI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawStudying Stamp by Kezzi-RoseFantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatoriWriters Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05The Procrastination Stamp by BusirisThe NEW Log-out Stamp by BusirisThe Gallery Stamp by Busiristeddy stamp by findyQI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateI Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-FlyerStamp - Lazy by DragoN-FXStamp - Lazy - Writers version by DragoN-FXGootube stamp by DragoN-FXSo Many Books by LaPurrThere is no spoon by cfryantLaughter Stamp by WolvenFlamesRaise your hand... by Crystal-ArtistMY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyneat flesh stamp by thechaosprojectWishful Thinking by whispwillTunisia by SirvanaRachanapeople allergy stamp - clean by tirsdenYou Lost The Game by booboo7I Love The Night by TheLoveTrainstress stress stress stress. by Snuf-StampsMore Sleep by fear-the-brillianceI heart Blood stamp by the-emo-detectiveI Support Horror stamp by the-emo-detectiveBloody stamp by emptyidentityentityReally its not by Lizzie-DoodleGIMP Stamp by SparkLumtoo far away by Violet737Claude's tapdance... by bellie1997Sebastian Michaelis by Gilligan-StampsEli Fan - Stamp by The-Bone-SnatcherSebby and Claude stamp by XiahismToo Many Stamps Stamp by blackangelyumeenvironment stamp by environment

div2 by SoulDrive

 photo wesker___gif_by_indiana69-d4ggxrs_zpskxq75ooj.gif
 photo tumblr_static_chris_smiles_zpsutj0iljm.gif
 photo 10906175_10152485557946447_5947236642477439001_n_zps10ad0b6a.png
 photo FriendOwl_zpskbxaikgd.gif
 photo tumblr_lb6b8fC3t91qcjauqo1_500_zps9dba7ad0.gif
 photo tumblr_m3xtuerDHF1qhqueho1_500_zps16baa9fa.gif



div2 by SoulDrive

Shut up I have a big chair!!

My profile is CONSTANTLY under construction so please hang in there while I rearrange ALL the things! :iconallthethingsplz:

Now excuse me as I have a Dan Southworth moment.
Dan Southworth Moment by The-Bone-Snatcher

div2 by SoulDrive

My new philosophy:

:icondragonnod1: Insha'Allah~! - Arabic for "God willing" or "if Allah wills".

Alhamdulillah or Hamdullah~! - Arabic I think for "God be praised" or "Praise be to Allah" :icondragonnod2:

Please check my Art Status Stamp by Chibi-Nuffie

Ninja, stealthy as the night


div2 by SoulDrive

Made in :flagcanada: Canada :flagcanada: xD And proudly Canadian

256 OC's and counting~! <-- ;___; This number needs to be recalculated, I have so many....

..:: || Die hard fan of... Far to many things to list in one place... || ::..

Okami, Devil May Cry, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, Saiyuki, DragonBall, D.Gray-Man, Blood and Chocolate, The Walking Dead -- Just to name a few xD

div2 by SoulDrive

Some of you may recognize my username if you have come over here from a site called :D I am the same Bone Snatcher from there ^^ I decided to move my work over here a number of years ago because of a few issues I had with the site but if you wish to see what I had over there you may take a look at my old profile there ;D

And if you happen to be from theOtaku, feel free to hit me up again :D…

div2 by SoulDrive

..:: || Common Usernames I Use || ::..

If you ever see any of the following usernames it most likely will be me xD I tend to stick to the same few names lmao

TheBoneSnatcher, The-Bone-Snatcher, The Bone Snatcher - This is the most common one. If you ever see it, 9 times out of 10 that'll be me xD
TBoneSnatcher - This is a shortened version of my usual one and is usually only used when my usual one isn't available. My YouTube account is a prime example of this e__e Someone beat me to TheBoneSnatcher, so I went with TBoneSnatcher instead lol
TheeBoneSnatcher - This is another variant of my usual username when it's taken and I don't feel like using TBoneSnatcher xD My FaceBook is a prime example of this lol
Night Sparda, Night-Sparda, NightShionSparda - I went through a phase when I used my Devil May Cry OC's name as my username so if you see this, that will most definitely be me. Unless some random person decided to take his name but I highly doubt it lol
KiadorSolstice Sometimes I may use this if I feel like using my fursona's name instead lol
AutumnCorpseFlower, Autumn-CorpseFlower, Autumn Corpse Flower - I very briefly went by this name here on deviantART on a second account I had but abandoned it. I may have used this on a few other sites and may still use it on occasion but I most likely will be found under The Bone Snatcher or some variant of it xD
Koi Bones, KoiBones, Koi-Bones, KoiTaylor, Koi Taylor, Koi-Taylor, KoiWolf, Koi-Wolf, Koi Wolf - There are times when I use one of these, because the name koi sounds interesting lol xD

Other than that I don't think I'd be caught under any other name so if someones claiming they're me with a name other than the ones here I call bull xD

div2 by SoulDrive

Here's my account:

Me on NaNoWriMo:…

My YouTube account:…

And here's me on Twitter if you happen to be there and want my latest scoop:

I'm also on tumblr the link to which you can find at the bottom of this column lol

div2 by SoulDrive

..:: || Click//Adoptable Sites || ::.. <--- DragonCave Scroll… <--- MagiStream Keep… <-- MysticalEquine TBoneSnatcher there but the shown name is Bones… <-- Virtual Pets & Adoptables <-- BeastKeeper, The-Bone-Snatcher is my name there. I don't recommend this site however as the founder and staff are rather.... Trying, to put it lightly.… <-- Tale of Dragons I'm The-Bone-Snatcher… <-- Wajas I'm TheBoneSnatcher there but the shown name is Bones

div2 by SoulDrive

..:: || Stamps || ::..
Because I have to many bloody stamps xD


div2 by SoulDrive

..:: || Utter Randomness || ::..

I adopted Mac Taylor and Jo Danville from AdoptAPairing:iconadoptapairing:

div2 by SoulDrive

..:: || Kuroshitsuji! ||::..

If you are a fellow Kuro fan then why not join me in questioning the characters? xD Drop on by the :iconask-kuroshitsuji: project and ask your favourite characters anything!

I myself play Claude...

div2 by SoulDrive

~ Amber "Ember" Peckham (( Bones // Shion ))

Current Residence: Canada... Right behind you xD
Favourite genre of music: I like all kinds but what I listen to depends on my mood
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga, realistic fantasy and animals
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional
MP3 player of choice: Philips Go Gear Muse
Wallpaper of choice: Depends on my current obsession
Favourite cartoon character: Broly, Vegito, SSJ4 Goku, Dante, Vergil, Nero, Amaterasu, Chibiterasu... Again I could go on
Personal Quote: Seagullz *____* Those evil birds. They'll mob you for a french fry. - LMFAO KIRA

div2 by SoulDrive


..:: || Parsnips you need to Watch || ::..


div2 by SoulDrive

..:: || Parsnips work I Admire || ::..


div2 by SoulDrive

..:: || Parsnips I know in Reality || ::..

:iconstatic-rythym: :icondomokun1314: :iconiodized: :iconwolfwingrider7: :iconkrazi-rock-chik: :iconohbad-hai:

div2 by SoulDrive

..:: || Favourite Artist on devinatART ||::..

:love: :iconplaguedog: :love:
Plague is just amazing, you must go check out her gallery and watch her work on live stream :D


Time for some profile credits~!

div2 by SoulDrive

Custom box codes from TaNa-Jo --
Custom box scroll code from LabLayers --
Custom box Halloween background image from rydi1689 --
Custom box Clouds background image from myself.
Divider image from SoulDrive --
Art, photographs, characters, stories etc are all copyright to The-Bone-Snatcher // Amber Peckham unless otherwise specified.


Art Status

div2 by SoulDrive

Art Trades

- I may be willing to do a few with people depending on the amount of time I have and what you are looking for. I generally do flat coloured digital pieces with no backgrounds for these.


- Commissions are open. Please ask me for details as I haven't had time to write up a list of prices and such yet. I do points or Canadian dollars. Canadian dollars are preferred.

Requests and Gifts

- These are for friends only folks.

div2 by SoulDrive

To Do List:

:bulletblack: = Pending
:bulletred: = In the works
:bulletpurple: = Sketch/Outlining done
:bulletyellow: = Done, uploading/Needs to be uploaded
:bulletgreen: = Uploaded
:bulletwhite: = On hold

Please Note: My own personal work comes first and this is NOT done on a first come first serve basis. They are done based on which I find ideas for first. The only exception is commissions. They will be done on a first come first serve basis.


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Mar 28, 2015
4:30 pm

Why do you like my work? What is it about it you like? Art and Written work. 

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