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August 3, 2009
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Standing outside the doors of the office looking up at a sign that read " DEVIL MAY CRY " was the last thing Nero expected himself to be doing but here he was. Right outside Dante's office debating whether or not to actually go inside. Finally he just shrugged and opened the door.

" It's not locked? " Nero was rather shocked that it was open considering it was almost midnight. He walked in and looked at the desk. Dante has his back to the door with his feet up on the wall reading a magazine.

" You a customer? " He called. Nero didn't answer but he slowed his pace a little. Dante sighed a little irritated and spoke again. " Sorry pal we're not open. We closed at nine and we don't do charity work... "

" Not even for a friend? " Nero joked. Dante turned around and smiled

" Hey kid. Ha. You're the last person I would have expected to walk into my office. "

" Yeah well... I never expected to be here either Dante... "

" What brings down here to Devil May Cry kid? " Nero put his hands in his pockets and shrugged slightly, looking to the side and shifting his weight to one foot.

" I.. Got a message from someone... But I have no idea who this person is and that woman you were with, the one with the blond hair, she said you live here. Just said to look for a place called Devil May Cry... "

" A message huh? Where is it? " Nero pulled out a small envelope and handed it to Dante.

" I thought maybe you might know who it is or at least be able to point me in the right direction... " Dante looked over the note carefully then he started reading out loud, much to Nero's dismay.

" To whom it should concern... I will tell you now that the weapon you posses is one that should not be handled lightly and will only bring upon disaster for you. My advice to you is leave it and no longer associate yourself with it should you value your skin... "

" You have any idea who wrote it or what they're talking about? "

" Nope not the slightest idea kid. Probably just some prank... "

" That's what I thought... Until I saw that name on the other side of the note... " Dante looked at the note then turned it over.

" Yamato.. Alright so their talking about the sword so what? "

" Alright never mind Dante obviously this isn't getting me anywhere... "

" No no hold on you're obviously concerned about all this... " Dante leaned back so Nero couldn't take the paper from him.

" Dante come on give me the note... " Dante shook his head and smiled. " Fine forget it, keep it I have no use for it anyway... " Nero turned to leave.

" Listen kid if this is bugging you so much then stick around and I'll trace the note back to whoever sent it... " Nero was already at the door.

" Sure, but I'm gonna find a hostel or something to stay in I'm not stickin around your run-down place " Nero laughed as Dante gave him the finger and mouthed the words ' Fuck You ' to him. " Anyways Dante I'll call you later on when I've got a place... The woman gave me the number oh, and there's just one last thing... " Dante flicked his head motioning him to continue. " The man that left that at my door said something about a guy named Vergil... That mean anything to you? " Dante seemed to freeze. His stare became cold then distant... " Dante? "

" Yeah kid that name means.... Quite a bit to me... " Dante said distantly Nero sighed.

" Alright well... I'll call you later on then we'll talk... " Dante nodded and Nero turned to leave once more

" Nero... " Nero turned his head back to look at Dante

" What? "

" You be careful... Anything happens you call me immediately got it? " Nero just nodded and walked out the door shaking his head. " Vergil.... Why the hell would someone mention him now after all these years.... "

" Strange guy... " Nero commented as he walked down the street. He had stopped by a diner and asked if they knew of a hostel nearby, which they did, so he was headed there. " What the hell could that name mean to him... " Nero just put the thought out of his head, then he realized he had almost walked right past the hostel he was looking for. Upon entering two kids ran by him pushing past him to get outside as an old man came dashing to the door with a broom.

" You blasted kids stop mucking about you little vandals!! " He shouted

" Huh... That happen often? " Nero asked more or less to himself as he looked out the door.

" Yes... Those little punks are always in here messing about... "

" Heh well their just a bunch of kids... " Nero shrugged as the old man looked at him oddly. " Just a thought... "

" You're a visitor I take it? " The old man replied as he went back behind the desk.

" Uh yeah I'm here visiting an old friend of mine, Dante "

" Oh the infamous devil hunter.. Of course I should have gathered that's who you were here to see... "

" The infamous devil hunter? "

" Yes that man is a legend among hunters but he reeks havoc every time he does a job... " Nero laughed and approached the desk

" Yeah that sounds like Dante alright "

" Here you are " The old man handed him a key with the number 13 on it. " This will be your suite. Down the hall and to your right, you can't miss it. "

" Thanks. Uhh I don't really know how long I'll be staying... "

" That's fine just pay a night's fee and we'll discuss something tomorrow. " Nero smiled and thanked the man then headed off to the suite. Once inside he flicked on the light and looked around.

" Not really the cleanest place is it? " He sighed and closed the door then put his sword, the Red Queen against the night stand beside the bed. " Well at least it's better then that shack Dante calls an office... " Nero threw himself down on the bed and lay there silently for a moment before he rolled over and picked up the phone. He pulled the small slip of paper Trish had given him with Dante's number on it. Underneath were the instructions ' ASK FOR TONY REDGRAVE '. " Who the hell is Tony Redgrave? " Nero just shook his head and dialed the number. It rang about five times before Dante's voice echoed over the line.

" Devil May Cry " Nero chuckled before he spoke

" I was told to ask for Tony Redgrave but I think you'd recognize my voice if I did that... " They both laughed at each other.

" Heh so Trish told you to ask for Tony huh? Well there's no Tony here "

" Trish that was her name... "

" Yeah she's a former partner of mine. "

" Not working together anymore I take it? "

" Not as closely... "

" I see... "

" So.. They said something about Vergil did they? "

" Yeah... What exactly does the name mean to you Dante? " Dante didn't answer... " Dante... "

" Sorry... Uhh I Don't really want to talk about.. Kind of a sore subject for me... "

" Why is that? "

" I just don't want to talk about it right now that's all... "

" Alright jackass.. "

" Hey you little shit... " Nero laughed at Dante's playful annoyance. " At any rate kid you really need to be careful alright? Listen I need to head out on a mission tomorrow so why don't you come back down to my office and stick around for a bit I shouldn't be to long... "

" Great you want me to spend hours in that dump? "

" Hey it's not that bad I just cleaned it a little while ago "

" Yeah and when was that? Five years ago? "

" No... It was about three months ago "

" Dante that's not healthy... " Dante only laughed at Nero's remark.

" Well anyways kid it's gettin late. You should rest and I'll see you tomorrow... "

" Sure... "

" Alright, adios kid " Nero rolled his eyes

" See yea " He hung up the phone then laid on his back looking up at the ceiling and put his arms behind his head. " Why wouldn't he talk about it... What does that name mean to him... " Nero ended up falling asleep thinking about what Dante could have meant by that name means "quite a bit" to him. He had a lot of explaining to do especially if it meant Nero was in danger. The last thing he wanted to do was endanger Kyrie needlessly when he returned to Fortuna...
Alright So This Was Kind Of A Spur Of The Moment Thing I Don't Really Know What Provoked Me To Write This x3 Anyways I May Continue It And I Many Not But Here You Go -laughs- The Name Was Kinda Random To I May End Up Changing It I Dunno e.e
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(c) The Burning Palace, The Forgotten Plains And This Fic, Devil May Cry: Revolution Are Copy Right To Night Sparda! To See What Other Names Of Mine Apply To This Please Read Them In The Newest Gallery Box On My Profile Page

(c) Dante, Vergil, Nero, Sparda, Kyrie, Devil May Cry Are All Copy Right To Capcom And Their Respective Associates, All Rights Reserved
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littlemissile542 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Does this story have any pairings
like it so far
The-Bone-Snatcher Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Not really, it's more like a side/new adventure for the DMC cast :/
metalicfan32 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
its really good mate its awesome i can see the setting your trying to place i see vividly this is amazing
The-Bone-Snatcher Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks ^^ Glad You Like It ;3
metalicfan32 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
yea mate you should think about publishing this i would buy it honest and truly
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Ha, I Would If I Owned The Rights To DMC But I Don't Want To Risk The Whole Copyright Infringment Thing With Capcom xD Even Though A Lot Of The Characters In The Story Are Mine I'm Still Using Capcoms Characters As The Main Focus =w=; But Thank You None The Less ^^ That Means A Lot To Me
metalicfan32 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
no probs mate :meow: well we can dream right
The-Bone-Snatcher Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
-nods- Yes I Do Believe We Can x3
Support-KIRA Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow!! Nice setup!!! Now I totally KNOW I'm going to enjoy this ficcy of yours. >XD But, I already knew that, I enjoy your writing. :D

HEHE...Vergil means ALOT to you Dante... hehehehehe...he's baaaaaackkkkk! XD
The-Bone-Snatcher Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
-laughs- xD Finished Part One Already Eh? Glad You Liked It KIRA x3 -snickers- Yes, Dante Does Care About His Bro Even Though They Seem To Hate Each Other
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