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August 4, 2009
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Nero sat on the end of the bed in his small suite staring longingly at a picture of his lover, his Kyrie. He hated leaving her for so long but it was necessary if he was in danger. Finally he got up and threw his sword up on his back and walked out the door waving to the old man as he left and headed back down to Devil May Cry. When he reached the office he motioned to knock, but then he remembered how the doors were unlocked yesterday so he shook his head and opened the door. As expected it was unlocked but Dante's office was empty.

" That's odd... He should be here... " Nero took a step forward and a paper crinkled under his weight. He bent down and picked it up, his eyes scanning over it. It was a note from Dante

' Sorry kid I had to leave earlier then expected so make yourself at home I should be back later on. Don't answer the phone and if a lady with a gun shows up tell her I'm out for the day

~ Dante '

" What a croc... He calls me down here only to take off... " Nero strode over to Dante's desk and tossed the note on top of it. He was about to look around when the picture on the end caught his attention. He picked it up and examined it intently.

" Looks just like... Trish... "

" That's because I was made to look like her " The voice startled Nero and he jumped dropping the picture as he span around to face the voice. The woman only laughed at him " You can relax I'm not going to bite you "

" Very funny... What's with sneaking up on me like that... And what do you mean you were MADE to look like her... Who is she? "

" You'd be better off asking Dante that... " Trish picked up the picture and studied it momentarily before placing it back on Dante's desk and sitting upon it. " So Dante's out I take it "

" Yeah he left early this morning I'm just waiting for him to get back... "

" You know you're an awful long way from Fortuna Nero... what brings you here to Devil May Cry? "

" I got a note from someone and I figured Dante could help me... "

" I see. What was this note about? "

" I don't really know but Dante has it somewhere unless he took it with him... " Trish smiled getting up and started walking toward the door

" Well in any case I'm sure it's nothing for you to worry about, but you might as well make use of your time here... Maybe you can help us on a few missions. " Nero rolled his eyes and shook his head as Trish spoke then she left leaving the doors open.

" Sure.... " Nero started scanning the room. There wasn't much to Dante's office, which seemed typical for him. A drum set and a few guitars, a few couches, a desk and an old juke box. Nero slowly walked around until he finally made his way to the juke box. He ran his fingers along the detail of the old box and scanned through the songs on it. " Least his taste in music is good... " A low rumbling sound made Nero turn his head to the open doors. It was starting to rain and it looked like it would be a bad storm. He walked over to the doors and looked up at the darkening sky as the rain began to fall. Lightly at first but then it began to pour down, falling from the sky like blood from a slaughtered demon. Nero crossed his arms and watched the rain a moment longer before shutting the doors and turning back to Dante's office. He had taken no more then five steps when the doors blew open with a loud crash and thunder boomed echoing through the city and the small office. Nero looked back at the doors and cautiously made his way back looking outside to see if anyone, or anything was there. " The hell was that... " He closed the doors and locked them this time. He turned around yet again but this time he found that he wasn't alone. Someone was sitting at Dante's desk, soaking wet. His hair was the same colour as Nero's own but it covered his eyes and a good portion of his face. Water dripped down and ran along his expressionless face. " How'd you get in here? " Nero questioned. The man did not answer, he didn't even move. He just sat there with his feet draped across the desk as Dante would have when he was home. " Silent type huh? Well that's.. annoying... " Nero looked at this man carefully, studying him. He wore a blue coat with an intricate design up one side of it. Underneath was a black vest of sorts followed by his dark pants and knee high brown boots. Suddenly the man lifted his head and revealed a face that looked identical to Dante's. " Dante? "

" Not quite... " The man said in a cold tone.

" Then who the hell are you? " Nero backed up a bit when the man got up and took a few steps towards him.

" That's none of your concern... " He held out his hand " Give it to me.. "

" Give what to you? " Nero placed his hand on his double barrel revolver, the Blue Rose

" Don't play games with me I am here for one reason and one reason alone... "

" Yeah? And what might that be ass hole? " The man strode pridefully toward Nero again

" I've come to retrieve my power... You can't handle it... " With a quick move he reached for Nero's arm but Nero knocked his hand away and pulled Blue Rose from its holster and aimed it right in the mans face

" I don't know what the hell you're talking about pal... " The man cocked his head to the side then started circling Nero, eying him coldly as he did.

" Oh but I think you do... That sword you have is not yours to keep.. It belongs to me, it belongs to a son of Sparda... "

" Son of Sparda? Alright just what the heck are you getting at? "

" I'm talking about Yamato. It is my property and I want it back... "

" Cut the crap. Dante gave that to me as a gift before he left Fortuna and besides " Nero swung his arm around aiming his gun at the man once again. " Dante said that sword was once his brothers but from what I know his brother is dead... " The man only laughed at his remarks...

" Is that what you think?.... Foolish boy... " Nero turned his head slightly but never took his eyes off his opponent. " Dante had no right to give that to you. It was mine then and it's mine now and I want it back, now hand it over and I may just let you live "

" Go blow yourself! " Nero shot at him but the man side stepped the bullet and kneed Nero into Dante's desk. In return Nero let off another couple of rounds but each time the man simply side stepped them and made his way toward him again. " Guess this doesn't quite cut it " He returned his gun to its hoslter and swung his blade at the man instead. Unfortunately his blade missed and crashed down into the floor leaving the wooden surface splintered and cracked. Nero pulled it from the ground and ran at the man who now stood in the middle of the room. He swung the sword again but once more he disappeared and Nero's blade collided with the wall leaving a good sized hole there. Nero tried to pry the blade free but to no avail.

" You are strong I'll admit... But you lack the proper training... " Nero's head whipped around to face the man at the doors.

" The hells that supposed to mean? "

" You could never hope to defeat me, not at your level... "

" You wanna run that by me again... "

" Another time perhaps... For now I'm letting you get away with keeping my blade but make no mistake, Nero... I will come back for it and I will take it from you even if I have to kill you to do so... "

" Just who the hell are you... " He did not answer " Answer my question! "

" As I said it's none of your concern... Just make sure you tell Dante that if he interferes in this, Vergil will make sure he never sees the light of day again... " And with that he vanished. Nero finally managed to pry his sword free of the wall and stood there in anger.

" Again with that name... Vergil... What the hell does that guy have to do with any of this... " Nero turned around to examine the bullet holes around the shop

" Damn it kid... the hell were you doin in here? " A familiar voice echoed behind him.

" Dante... " Nero looked him over cautiously

" You totally wrecked my shop kid " Dante looked around and noted all the holes

" You can thank that ass hole who was here a moment ago... "

" Well I hope you got his name... "

" What for? "

" So I can bill the fucker for the damages " Nero rolled his eyes

" So why'd you have to leave so early? "

" Business beckoned... "

" Cut the crap... "

" Alright easy kid... So what happened here? " Dante walked to his desk slowly and sat down, putting his feet up on his desk

" Some guy just took off after trying to get this from me... " Nero summoned the Yamato and looked it over

" Oh? "

" Yeah... Said Something about it being his. That it belonged to a son of Sparda. That mean anything to you? "

" Hmmm... He say what his name was? "

" No... Just said to tell you that if you interfere in this Vergil will make sure you never see the light of day again... " Dante's gaze became steely...

" What did this guy look like? "

" Does it really matter? "

" Nero... This is serious tell me what he looked like... " Nero crosses his arms before answering

" He looked like you... Only he wore a blue coat with some design on one side of it... " Dante looked at his desk then looked back at Nero

" I think you should stay here from now on until we can get to the bottom of all this kid... "

" No I'm fine where I am... "

" Nero... "

" Dante I'm fine I'm not gonna stick around your grubby office... " Dante looked at Nero intently but Nero could see the worry in his eyes.

" Alright... Just... Be very careful on your way back to that hostel... " Nero nodded and after a few more words were exchanged he headed back out to the hostel. He had walked no more then twelve blocks when he started to feel uneasy and picked up his pace, scanning every inch of the barren street as he walked.

" Damn place is givin me the creeps... " A loud crash behind him made him jump and spin around, pulling Blue Rose instinctively from its holster again. He waited a moment then a small black cat with a rat in its mouth walked out and took off at the sight of him. " Damn cat... " Nero replaced his gun and turned around again... Only to come face to face with the man from Dante's office...
Here's Another Part To The Previous Story x3 Once Again I Just Kinda Went With It -laughs- Hope That I Got the Characters Personalities Right In Terms Of What They'd Say And How They'd Act.
________________________________________ __

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(c) The Burning Palace, The Forgotten Plains And This Fic, Devil May Cry: Revolution Are Copy Right To Night Sparda! To See What Other Names Of Mine Apply To This Please Read Them In The Newest Gallery Box On My Profile Page

(c) Dante, Vergil, Nero, Sparda, Kyrie, Devil May Cry Are All Copy Right To Capcom And Their Respective Associates, All Rights Reserved
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wooo!!! GO VERGIL!!! >3< what's going to happen next? Vergil kidnaps Kyrie? =D
The-Bone-Snatcher Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
-laughs- Who Knows I Still Need To Write Up The Third Part >:3 But We Shall See >;D You Never Know -wicked grin-
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