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This Is A Recap For Those Who Need It Or Who Have Just Come Into The Story. I Only Took Small Excerpts From Each Part So You Could Get An Idea Of What's Happened So Far. If You Have Any Questions Just PM Me Or Read The First Two And A Half Parts x3

Revolution Excerpt:

" What brings down here to Devil May Cry kid? " Nero put his hands in his pockets and shrugged slightly, looking to the side and shifting his weight to one foot.

" I.. Got a message from someone... But I have no idea who this person is and that woman you were with, the one with the blond hair, she said you live here. Just said to look for a place called Devil May Cry... "

" A message huh? Where is it? " Nero pulled out a small envelope and handed it to Dante.

" I thought maybe you might know who it is or at least be able to point me in the right direction... " Dante looked over the note carefully then he started reading out loud, much to Nero's dismay.

" To whom it should concern... I will tell you now that the weapon you posses is one that should not be handled lightly and will only bring upon disaster for you. My advice to you is leave it and no longer associate yourself with it should you value your skin... "

" You have any idea who wrote it or what they're talking about? "

" Nope not the slightest idea kid. Probably just some prank... "

" That's what I thought... Until I saw that name on the other side of the note... " Dante looked at the note then turned it over.

" Yamato.. Alright so their talking about the sword so what? "

" Alright never mind Dante obviously this isn't getting me anywhere... "

" No no hold on you're obviously concerned about all this... " Dante leaned back so Nero couldn't take the paper from him.

" Dante come on give me the note... " Dante shook his head and smiled. " Fine forget it, keep it I have no use for it anyway... " Nero turned to leave.

" Listen kid if this is bugging you so much then stick around and I'll trace the note back to whoever sent it... " Nero was already at the door.

" Sure, but I'm gonna find a hostel or something to stay in I'm not stickin around your run-down place " Nero laughed as Dante gave him the finger and mouthed the words ' Fuck You ' to him. " Anyways Dante I'll call you later on when I've got a place... The woman gave me the number oh, and there's just one last thing... " Dante flicked his head motioning him to continue. " The man that left that at my door said something about a guy named Vergil... That mean anything to you? " Dante seemed to freeze. His stare became cold then distant... " Dante? "

" Yeah kid that name means.... Quite a bit to me... " Dante said distantly Nero sighed.

Revolution 2 Excerpt:

' Sorry kid I had to leave earlier then expected so make yourself at home I should be back later on. Don't answer the phone and if a lady with a gun shows up tell her I'm out for the day

~ Dante '

" What a croc... He calls me down here only to take off... " Nero strode over to Dante's desk and tossed the note on top of it. He was about to look around when the picture on the end caught his attention. He picked it up and examined it intently.

" Looks just like... Trish... "

" You know you're an awful long way from Fortuna Nero... what brings you here to Devil May Cry? "

" I got a note from someone and I figured Dante could help me... "

" I see. What was this note about? "

" I don't really know but Dante has it somewhere unless he took it with him... " Trish smiled getting up and started walking toward the door

" Well in any case I'm sure it's nothing for you to worry about, but you might as well make use of your time here... Maybe you can help us on a few missions. " Nero rolled his eyes and shook his head as Trish spoke then she left leaving the doors open.

" I've come to retrieve my power... You can't handle it... " With a quick move he reached for Nero's arm but Nero knocked his hand away and pulled Blue Rose from its holster and aimed it right in the mans face

" I don't know what the hell you're talking about pal... " The man cocked his head to the side then started circling Nero, eying him coldly as he did.

" Oh but I think you do... That sword you have is not yours to keep.. It belongs to me, it belongs to a son of Sparda... "

" Son of Sparda? Alright just what the heck are you getting at? "

" I'm talking about Yamato. It is my property and I want it back... "

Revolution 3.5 Excerpt:

Nero replaced his gun and turned around again... Only to come face to face with the man from Dante's office...

" You... " Nero eyes widened at the sight. The man raised his hand and swept his hair back then started towards Nero.

" I told you that I would retrieve my power... You are not worthy of such a weapon as the likes of Yamato... " He spoke in a cold tone

" Tell me your name... " Nero said as he backed away keeping a hand on his sword. The man stopped just inches from Nero.

" Does it really bother you that much... "

" Yeah it does now stop dicking around and tell me who the hell you are! "

" Hmph.. Fine... My name is Vergil Sparda... and that weapon is my property.. Now give it to me! "

" You're inexperienced... " Vergil commented as he thrust the blade in his body even further then ripped it out. Nero fell to his knees in a pool of his blood. The sight of his own heart struggling to keep beating through its gnarled state and his shredded lung clinging to shattered pieces of his ribs along with other pieces of crimson meat made him vomit. He started to feel a little delirious from the pain and he looked up at the man before him through his burred vision. For a moment he thought it was Dante, he heard his voice calling to him...

" NERO!! "

Then the image of Vergil faded back into his view and Nero slowly turned his head to see Dante dashing down the street to help him.

" Dan...te... " He muttered as blood sprayed out with his words. Vergil turned his head to face his new opponent. Just as Dante's Rebellion collided with Vergil's gauntlets Nero fell forwards and completely lost consciousness, slowly fading into a black abyss...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It had only been an hour or so that Nero had left his office but Dante could already tell that something was amiss.

" ....... Something just isn't right here... " Dante was examining the note Nero had left with him. He read it over and over but still he could think of no possible answer. Well aside from the one he didn't want to believe. " Nero had said that guy... He described my brother exactly... " He thought aloud. Dante pushed himself away from his desk but remained in his chair, his eyes glued to the piece of paper on his desk until. A sudden pain made Dante clasp his hand to his chest. " What the... " He staggered out of his chair and unzipped his jacket, pulling it open to look at his body. Nothing. " What the heck just happened? " At that moment a horrid thought crossed his mind. He quickly zipped up his jacket, grabbed his guns and his sword and ran out the door as fast as he could. He was no more then five blocks from his office when he caught the smell of blood in the air. " That smell.... Nero, that's his scent, this is his blood that I'm smelling... " He picked up his pace dashing down the street with every ounce of energy his body could exert until he reached the corner and turned... Just in time to see Vergil, running Nero through with his own blade. Nero fell to his knees and from what Dante could tell he vomited and looked up at Vergil.

" NERO!! " Dante took off down the street in a rage and panic trying to reach him before Vergil could inflict anymore damage to Nero's body. Nero turned his head to face him as he ran.

" Dan...te... " He muttered as his blood sprayed about with his words. Vergil turned his head and cast a glare at Dante then quickly summoned his gauntlets just as Dante swung his Rebellion at him. A thud to the side made Dante turn his head to look at, the now unconscious Nero laying on the ground.

" What did you do to him Vergil? " Dante scoffed. Vergil only laughed.

" What does it look like I've done brother? "

" Vergil he had NOTHING to do with this why did you involve him? "

" Oh but he was involved Dante... You gave him something that wasn't his and to top it off... " Vergil pulled Dante closer to him. " It wasn't yours either... " He took a swing at him with his right arm seeing as his left shoulder was still shattered after Nero's drop kick.

" Seems the kid got yea good Verg... " Vergil looked at his battered shoulder then scowled at Dante

" Shut up... " He lunged toward him and used his forearm to send Dante flying backwards. Dante let himself slide across the ground then rebounded off his arms and landed on his feet.

" So... You still got Beowulf I see... Or.. You stole them back from me anyways... How many times have you been in my home without me knowing bro? "

" I only went to take back what was rightfully mine Dante... These gauntlets included... "

" You're talking about Yamato "

" Exactly that.. "

" Huh.. Well to bad.. I gave that to the kid as a gift... "

" Well it wasn't yours to give away... It is mine and I want it back... "

" So what Verg... You wait to get the kid alone and then you kill him to take the sword back? What an ass... "

" Just the opposite actually... Originally I had planned on taking it back in Fortuna however, circumstances prohibited me from doing so... "

" That supposed to matter to me? "

" Hmph... You always were five steps behind me Dante... " Vergil lunged at Dante again who threw up Rebellion to block his attack. " And you'll never, be able, to catch up... " Dante pushed Vergil off of him and ran after him swinging his sword at him again and again. Vergil back flipped away from every attempt until he landed on one knee on the roof of a nearby car. He looked up slightly out of breathe.

" So... You ready to eat your words? Or do you still think I'm not worthy as your opponent? " Vergil rolled his eyes and stood up properly letting Beowulf vanish again.

" That cocky attitude of yours is beginning to bore me... "

" Sorry to disappoint bro... " Dante looked over Vergil's left shoulder. Nero had done quite a number to it. " You know it almost doesn't seem fair fighting you like this... "

" What are you getting at... "

" You've got a vital star or two to heal that don't cha? "

" That's none of your business... "

" Well come on heal your injuries... " Vergil glared at Dante intensely

" Fine... If you want to die that badly... " Vergil pulled a vital star from his pocket and healed his injuries then jumped down from the car and stood with his body sideways, his head still facing Dante. He held one hand up and motioned to Dante to make the first move while taunting him. " ... Come on "

" You always were a prick... " Dante charged at Vergil, dragging Rebellion along the ground while sparks danced about the blade. He brought it up then down slashing it across Vergil's chest. Vergil let his body fall but brought his right leg up and kicked Dante in the head sending him to the ground as well. He quickly donned Beowulf again and tried to slam his heel into Dante's gut. Sensing Vergil's intentions Dante swung his legs up over his head and rolled onto his feet just as Vergil flipped himself over onto his hands and knees. Dante smirked and rest his hands on his knees for a moment then clapped and spoke in a mocking tone " Hey.. What's up? I thought you were gonna kill me? " Vergil's glare became more intense and he ran at Dante wrapping his arms around him, tackling him down to the ground. When he was successful in getting Dante on his back he jumped on top of him and raised his fist up then, with one sharp, quick movement he brought it down aiming to bring it right in Dante's face. Dante however was not about to let his older brother win by simply breaking his jaw. Instead he donned Gilgamesh and caught his brothers hand just inches away from his face. Dante was practically making himself cross eyed trying to look at where Vergil's hand was in conjunction with his mouth. In a momentary state of shock at the sight of his brother being able to stop him like that Vergil lost his composure for a split second. Dante could see it immediately and acted quickly to ensure that Vergil couldn't counter his movements. He grabbed the upper part of Vergil's arm and, using his feet, kicked him off himself flipping Vergil right onto his back Dante then brought his elbow down hoping to make it collide with Vergil's chest but Vergil rolled to the side and Dante's arm hit the concrete road. He could feel the skin on his arm split open upon impact. "Damn... " Dante looked at the fresh gash in his arm and the tear in his coats " Just had that washed too... " Vergil shook his head and jumped in the air attempting to bring his foot down on Dante's head. " Whoa! " Dante rolled onto his hands then pushed off the ground just as Vergil's foot hit the spot where he was moments earlier.

" You've gotten better dear brother... "

" You think so? "

" Hmph... " Vergil got up and looked at Dante coldly.

" Well look at you... All that power and nothing to show for it... " Vergil once again let Beowulf disappear and he walked to where Nero's sword lay on the ground.

" It's not Yamato... But it will be enough to shut you up... " Vergil ran at Dante with the sword and stabbed forward, performing Dante's signature stinger move.

" Hey that's My move! " Dante just narrowly managed to avoid being impaled in the heart but the blade stuck in his side. Vergil tore it out, ripping Dante's flesh and sending bits of meat scattering across the ground in conjunction with his lifes blood. Dante summoned back his Rebellion and planted the tip right in Vergil's foot. There was a momentary yelp in agony then Vergil brought Red Queen above his head put it through the upper part of Dante's left leg, after which he ripped Rebellion out of his foot and attempted to put it through Dante's neck. Dante however tore his leg off the Red Queen and kicked Vergil in the ribs causing several of them to break. He grabbed his sword, which Vergil had dropped the moment Dante's foot made contact with his ribcage and moved in to slash his torso but Vergil already had a hand on Red Queen. He had kicked it out of the ground and now put it through Dante's right shoulder then pulled it down at an angle out of his body attempting to cut off his sword arm at the same time. Dante could feel the bone crunching under the pressure of the cold steel being ripped out of his body and the sound echoed in his ears like a tree branch snapping under an intense weight. He moved his arm up and pulled away instinctively, then brought Rebellion down and across the side of Vergil's neck then up his face. Vergil moved before the blade could cut across his eye blinding him but not without receiving a deep laceration that cut through even his gum's. They both pushed off one another and stood a few feet from the other, tired, bloody and in agony from each blow.

" This.. isn't going exactly as I had intended it to... "

" Isn't it?... I mean... You got me pretty good there... "

" Heh... You were supposed to be dead by now Dante... "

" Well I'm sorry I'm ruining your plans Verg but... " Dante flicked his head at Nero " I gotta help the kid... I can't let you kill him Vergil... Right now my body, my mind and my soul... Are telling me to keep him away from you... "

" Then once again I'm afraid... Our souls are at odds brother... My soul is telling me to take back my power... "

" What the hell do you need... All the power for.... Huh? "

" I need it... For my own reasons Dante... Reasons you could never understand.... "

" Enlighten me then... Dear brother... "

" Another time perhaps... " Vergil straightened his posture and used the Red Queen to keep his balance. " If you really intend to help him then you'll have to kill me... " Dante's heart sank at his words. He hated his brother for this. For all of this. Everything that happened in Temen-Ni-Gru, then the incident on Mallet Island and now this. He couldn't understand why Vergil just wouldn't let it go.

" Vergil... Why... Why can't you just... Give it up? "

" I told you already... I need more power... "

" No you don't... "

" Yes Dante... I do... Now... Enough with the small talk... " Vergil picked up the sword once more but

" Well I need my brother... " Dante's words made Vergil freeze

" What? "

" I said I need my brother... " Dante got up and staggered backwards a little before looking his brother in the eyes. " Why can't you see that Verg... I miss you... I miss what we used to have... Before you became this power hungry maniac... " Vergil stood silent and still listening to every word that came out of his brother's mouth. " Don't you remember what I said?... No matter how hard you try you're never gonna be like father... "

" Dante... "

" No... I just don't get it... What is it? Is it that whole thing with mom? "

" You know my reasons for what happened between her and I... "

" Vergil... She didn't prefer me over you no matter how much you think that... It wasn't true... "

" Enough talking... If you really plan on saving him then fight me now Dante... " Dante's look became one of great upset and he turned his head. Vergil growled and was about to charge at Dante once more when Dante unexpectedly lunged forward with a stinger attack, smashing Vergil into the wall behind him with the sword pierced right through his gut. Dante straightened his posture and backed away, but Vergil, in one final attempt, took Red Queen and stuck it right in the center of Dante's chest. As he fell backwards Dante kept a grip on Rebellion tearing it out of Vergil's body and in turn Vergil did the same with his sword. They both lay motionless on the ground eyes fixed on nothing in particular. Dante coughed and finally forced himself to roll over and drag himself over to Nero the whole while leaving a trail of blood and crimson meat behind him.

" Nero... " He rolled Nero onto his side and looked over his injuries, then checked his pulse. Nothing. " Damn it kid... "

" Here... " Vergil's voice startled Dante. He turned his head a little angered but then noticed Vergil was handing him something.

" What's this for? "

" You know full damn well what a yellow orb is for Dante... "

" I know that.. " Dante snatched it angrily. " I meant what are you giving it to me for... " Vergil said nothing only pointed weakly with a trembling blood soaked hand at Nero. Dante's gaze softened slightly then he turned back to Nero and used the orb along with a vital star of his to bring him back in top condition. Once he could feel Nero breathing again he sighed realizing now just how much energy he had expended and his vision started to blur.

" Dante... "

" What Vergil... "

" You might as well heal yourself before you end up bleeding to death... "

" I don't need you to tell me that I know... "

" Well then if you know then do it... "

" I can't... "

" Why not... "

" I used my last vital star for the kid... " There was an odd silence between them for a moment. Then

" Dante listen... "

" To what? "

" Just shut up and listen... Can't you hear that? " Dante listened trying to hear what Vergil was hearing even though he felt like punching him in the head. But that thought quickly escaped his mind when he felt a pair of hands pick him up.

" What the... HEY! "

" Oh calm down... " A voice said in a rather commanding tone. Dante looked at the person who was emasculating him like this rather annoyed but through his blurred vision he could only make out a vague outline of them. The next thing he knew he was in a car with Vergil beside him and then the rest went blank. When he awoke he found himself on his couch in his office.

" What the... " He sat up quickly and looked around until his eyes fell upon his brother sleeping on the other couch. He scowled and threw a nearby magazine at him.

" Dante... " Vergil rolled over and threw it back haphazardly.

" Enough boys... " A voice echoed from Dante's desk. The twins turned their heads simultaneously and their jaws dropped...

" You've got to be kidding me... " Vergil stammered.

" Pops? " Dante was in shock but the sudden thump on the floor upstairs made his attention turn to his bedroom. Nero had obviously awoken and he had some explaining to do now, not to mention he had to keep Vergil from attacking him again for the sword...
Ok So Here Is Dante's Half Of Revolution 3 x3 Hope It's Good. I Put The Excerpts Up Because I Know That some People Like to Come Into A Story A Little Late So That's There For Those Who Need It xD

Now The Part Where Dante Mentioned Eva:

" No... I just don't get it... What is it? Is it that whole thing with mom? "

" You know my reasons for what happened between her and I... "

" Vergil... She didn't prefer me over you no matter how much you think that... It wasn't true... "

That Was Making Reference To The Devil May Cry Three Manga, Code 1: Dante Because In Vergil's Profile In The Back Of The Book It Says That Vergil Thought His Mother Preferred Dante Over Him.

Anyways Hope This Meets The Standards Of My Fellow DMC Fans -still hoping i got the personalities right-

(c) Night Conner Sparda/Cassius, Shion "Desiree" Lynn Taylor, Tito, The Black Panther, Lavinia Conner, McKenndra "Mac", Memphis/Tim Anders, Red Eyes, Summit/Damian, Fin/Lucien, Crasious/Mike Anders, Cruesoe, Jesileth/William, Ceirek, Palomar, Ethan, Jonathan/Jon, King Cujo, Vinicerik, Viker, Cassandra Kit, Larissa Kit, Uriel Ishmadien, Cassius and Eva (Night and Cassandra's children), The Akanian Race, Vergil's Restitution look, DMCR series and any installments to the series plus any names/places/races/things not canon to the Devil May Cry series that appear here and/or on the individual chapters themselves are all copyright to Ember Peckham (( Bones // Shion ))

(c) Devil May Cry, DmC and all associated places/names/characters are all copyright to Capcom, Ninja Thery and their respective associates. All rights reserved


Revolution: the-bone-snatcher.deviantart.c…

Revolution 2: the-bone-snatcher.deviantart.c…

Revolution 3.5: the-bone-snatcher.deviantart.c…

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