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August 4, 2009
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(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

Nero replaced his gun and turned around again... Only to come face to face with the man from Dante's office...

" You... " Nero eyes widened at the sight. The man raised his hand and swept his hair back then started towards Nero.

" I told you that I would retrieve my power... You are not worthy of such a weapon as the likes of Yamato... " He spoke in a cold tone

" Tell me your name... " Nero said as he backed away keeping a hand on his sword. The man stopped just inches from Nero.

" Does it really bother you that much... "

" Yeah it does now stop dicking around and tell me who the hell you are! "

" Hmph.. Fine... My name is Vergil Sparda... and that weapon is my property.. Now give it to me! "

" Like I said before go blow yourself! " Nero clenched his devil bringer into a tight fist and swung at Vergil who in response grabbed his arm and examined it for a moment.

" That's quite the arm you've got.. " He leaned in closer to Nero. " How would you like me to break it? " With that Vergil twisted Nero's arm in an impossible way causing the bone to break and splinter all through his flesh. Nero screamed in agony as the bone pierced through his skin and hot blood poured down his arm and spilled onto the ground. He fell to one knee and grabbed Vergil's hand with his free arm moaning in pain. " And you call yourself a descendant of Sparda... " Nero looked up at Vergil just in time to see him plant a foot in the side of his head sending him flying backwards, skidding across the ground on his face before flipping over and landing on his side.

" Ugh... " Nero shook his head and put his left hand on his face. There we several large gashes oozing with blood and the stinging in his eye as his blood ran into it only made it worse. " Lucky shot... "

" Luck, has nothing to do with it... " Vergil's cold stare pierced right through Nero and a chill of fear coursed through his body.

" This guy really means business... " He whispered in a low tone to himself. Finally he spat off to the side and grabbed his sword lunging at Vergil. He stabbed forward narrowly missing his chest but by the time Nero turned to attack again Vergil had already thrown his jacket to the side and donned a pair of gauntlets and greaves shinning with light. With a quick move he kneed Nero in the gut then flipped backward kicking him in the jaw. Nero fell back on his backside and coughed up a mouthful of blood.  The hot red liquid ran down his chin and onto his neck as he rolled over and staggered upward. He knew for sure that his jaw was broken or at least cracked because he could feel the clicking when he put his hand to his face and pulled a shattered tooth from his mouth.

" Don't tell me that's all you've got Nero... "

" The hell do you know my name? "

" How else? You're the one who has my property... " Vergil disappeared and elbowed Nero in the back sending him forward. Before Nero could react he felt the sting of Vergil's fist being planted right in his ribs and crashed against a wall. Once again his scarlet blood poured from his mouth and he wrapped his hands around his torso. He felt dizzy but he knew if he gave in to the pain he'd be killed for sure. He managed to get a hold of himself and swung his sword into the ground reving it up like a motorcycle before he lunged at Vergil again. He swung at his face but this time Vergil let the gauntlets disappear and he grabbed the blade with his hand. Nero growled unimpressed that his attempt at injuring Vergil had failed but to his surprise, a small trickle of blood ran down Vergil's face.

" Heh... So you're not as invincible as you look you selfish bastard... " Vergil turned his head to examine the severity of his wound. It was quite deep. Deeper then he had expected.

" Not bad... However " He tightened his grip on the blade and swung Nero around until he crashed into the wall again and fell to the ground. Just as he went to get up, the Red Queen came down right beside his face and pressed into his flesh.

" Damn it... " Nero looked up into Vergil's cold, unfeeling ice blue eyes. " I'm not gonna lose to some ass hole like you... " He got up and drop kicked Vergil in the shoulder, shattering the bone. Vergil could hear the bones cracking beneath Nero's foot and he used his devil power to blast Nero back at the wall. Nero staggered for a moment then he felt it... The sharp, agonizing pain of the cold steel of his blade cutting through his ribs, his lung, his heart. Nero's eyes widened again but when he tried to scream no sound came out of his mouth, just a river of scarlet life. Vergil tried to twist the blade while it was in Nero's body but it only reved it up. A little bewildered he grabbed it with his other hand and forced it to turn. Nero coughed out even more blood, his vision began to blur and he found it getting harder to breathe. The blade had twisted through his flesh causing it to tear and rip in all sorts of places, and in some right off his body. His lung felt obliterated and the hot blood soaked his body. Nero let his head fall to the sight and he could see the mangled flesh, tissue and bones protruding through his body where his own blade had stuck him.

" You're inexperienced... " Vergil commented as he thrust the blade in his body even further then ripped it out. Nero fell to his knees in a pool of his blood. The sight of his own heart struggling to keep beating through its gnarled state and his shredded lung clinging to shattered pieces of his ribs along with other pieces of crimson meat made him vomit. He started to feel a little delirious from the pain and he looked up at the man before him through his burred vision. For a moment he thought it was Dante, he heard his voice calling to him...

" NERO!! "

Then the image of Vergil faded back into his view and Nero slowly turned his head to see Dante dashing down the street to help him.

" Dan...te... " He muttered as blood sprayed out with his words. Vergil turned his head to face his new opponent. Just as Dante's Rebellion collided with Vergil's gauntlets Nero fell forwards and completely lost consciousness, slowly fading into a black abyss...
Alright So This Is Kind Of A Two Part Post For Part Three. I Wrote Nero's Part First Then Dante's Is Gonna Finish This Part Of It xD So I Thought It Was Past Due For Some Blood And Gore >:3 Hope You All Don't Mind -wicked laughter- xD Anyways I'll Write Up The Other Part Of 3.5 Then I'll See About Part 4 >;3
________________________________________ _____

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(c) The Burning Palace, The Forgotten Plains And This Fic, Devil May Cry: Revolution Are Copy Right To Night Sparda! To See What Other Names Of Mine Apply To This Please Read Them In The Newest Gallery Box On My Profile Page

(c) Dante, Vergil, Nero, Sparda, Kyrie, Devil May Cry Are All Copy Right To Capcom And Their Respective Associates, All Rights Reserved
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This is a really good... I wanna say fanfic but it feels like something better... whatevz.
Seriously tho great work! :D
The-Bone-Snatcher Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lol Wow thank you ^^ I'm glad you like it so much ;D
OboroKisuke Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
This is a master piece that could unroll into DMC 5.
The-Bone-Snatcher Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ Yea Think So Eh? Thanks :bow: >w< I Dunno How Willing I'd Be To Part With The Main Villains Though lol
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lol I think it would also make a good manga
The-Bone-Snatcher Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
=w= If Only I Were Better At My Manga Skills Then lol I'd Love To Have Made This A Manga But I Fear My Talents Aren't Quite Manga Ready x3
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Your skills will improve good things come to those who wait :)
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XD your welcome :)
Support-KIRA Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh dooooooood....that one hurt. All he wants is Yamato back Nero...don't you realize...Vergil would murder for a cookie...take his PRIZED BELOVED SWORD...what do you think BAKA!

ROFL!!! On to the next!! >X3
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