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It was day break when Nero finally came to. He slowly opened his eyes and shielded them from the harsh sunlight with his hands. Suddenly a flood of memories of the fight with Vergil came rushing into his mind like a dam overflowing with water and he shot up and tried to leap out of the bed he was laying in but, his foot got tangled in a mess of sheets and pillows and he crashed to the ground with a loud thump. He lay there on his side for a moment and brought his right hand to his face where his lacerations were but

" What the... The cuts... " He ran his hand down his face feeling where there should have been several large cuts on his face. Cuts that went right down to the bone but they were gone. Then Nero realized that his devil bringer was no longer broken. All the flesh on his arm was as it should be and the bone was intact. His hands found their way to his chest where there was once a large hole in his body but no, that was intact to. His injuries had healed. " Dante... " He looked down to unzip his vest but he wasn't wearing it. In fact, the clothes he was wearing weren't his at all. The shirt he wore was gray and he was in a black pair of cotton shorts. He assumed they belonged to Dante. " Only Dante would have a shirt with the Budweiser logo on it... " He shook his head and moved to get up when a horrid thought ran through his mind. " Oh my god... " He got up and crashed into the door throwing it open and looked over the railing of the stairs at Dante who was sitting on the couch just below him. " YOU! " He jumped down and landed on top of Dante, pinning him down by his shirt. " Where the HELL are my clothes!? "

" If it makes you feel any better I'm not the one who undressed you... " Dante muttered under Nero's weight

" NO! It doesn't make me feel any better JACKASS! "

" Oh my, well that's quite a way to say good morning... " A voice called from Dante's desk. Nero turned his head to tell this guy off but when he saw who it was he was a little shocked.

" Who are you? " He questioned. The man looked like an older version of Dante but with his hair swept back. He wore a monocle on his left eye and held a newspaper in his hands.

" Well that's a little better... Except for the look on your face... " The man replied. Nero was about to respond but a sudden feeling of unease set over him and he turned his head, only to see Vergil sitting right behind him on the other couch, his arms draped across the back and one leg up on the other.

" What the hell are you doing here!? " He jumped up off Dante who got up and stood between him and Vergil.

" Nero relax it's OK. " He said trying to keep Nero calm

" Why is he here? " Nero was growing very irritated with the situation.

" Look I'll explain it if you calm down "

" I AM calm now get out of my way I've got a score to settle with that prick... "

" Nero no " Dante grabbed a hold of Nero as he tried to push past him to get to Vergil

" If he has another death wish you may as well let him go Dante... " Vergil coaxed

" The hell are you talking about you over confident bastard! " Nero rebuked

" NERO! Enough just... Sit down " Dante pleaded

" Not until you tell me why the hell he's here " Nero glared at Dante intensely waiting for an answer

" He's my older brother... " Nero was going to say something but when he registered that Dante said his " brother " he looked at him in disbelief.

" Come again? "

" He's my older brother "

" I thought your brother was dead Dante... "

" So did I... "

" Well seeing as you just assumed I was I just played along Dante... " Vergil stated sarcastically. Dante growled at him and darted to the couch in an attempt to silence his brother.

" Dante Sparda... " The man at Dante's desk said in a low, almost demonic tone. " You lay a hand on your brother and you'll find yourself in quite the bout of trouble... "

" Dante who is this guy? " Nero looked the man over oddly. Dante pulled his pants up a little and looked at the man behind his desk.

" You're awfully salty today old man... " He crossed his arms. " This here is my father Nero... Sparda " Nero's eyes widened and he looked at Sparda.

" Sparda... As in THE Legendary Dark Knight? " He looked between Sparda and Dante in awe

" Well I wouldn't exactly call myself a legend per say but.. Yes I am Sparda... " Nero fell back onto the couch. He couldn't believe he was looking right at the Legendary Knight himself.

" Credo would have killed for a chance like this... " He lowered his head at the thought. He hadn't mentioned Credo since his funeral some time ago, and it was around that time he noticed Kyrie had become a little distant too. The sudden sight of Dante's hand waving back and forth in front of his face snapped him out of his thoughts.

" You alive in there kid? " He joked

" Cut the crap... " Nero turned his head and ignored Dante's laughter. " The hell do you find so damn funny? "

" You kid... " A wide grin had spread across Dante's face

" Why you... " Nero lunged at Dante and tackled him over the coffee table sending them both to the ground. " I'll kill you! "

" I'd actually like to see you try that " Dante said mockingly. Vergil just put his hand to his face and looked away

" My fool little brother... " He muttered to himself. Sparda rolled his eyes and set his newspaper down with a sigh. " Father? " Sparda looked at Vergil with a look that read ' Move from that couch and you'll find yourself strapped to it ' so Vergil stayed put. Sparda walked over to where Nero once again had Dante pinned down by his shirt. Just as he was about to punch Dante in the face Sparda picked him up and threw him over his shoulder.

" What the hell... Put me down! " Nero struggled to get free of the demon warriors grip but to no avail. Sparda tossed him down onto the couch then strode back to Dante and picked him up by the collar of his shirt and half lead half dragged him to the chair opposite Vergil's couch.

" Easy pops... I wasn't gonna hurt him THAT bad... " Dante complained when he was forced down in the chair.

" Both of you sit and be quiet for at least an hour... " Sparda said in a cold tone then he went back to Dante's desk and sat down. Nero cast a glare at Dante then moved to the other end of the couch. Dante cocked one eyebrow up at him then shook his head and slouched in the chair...

To Nero this hour seemed more like years but when it finally ended Nero turned his head to face Sparda. " Are you done attacking him? " Sparda more or less demanded the answer with his tone. Nero nodded. " You can talk now you know... "

" Mind if I ask you a question? " Nero replied

" I suppose not. "

" Dante... You got that note? " Dante looked at Nero then flicked his head towards his desk.

" It's on my desk kid... " He said lazily. Nero looked up somewhat trying to see it. Dante was right, there it was sitting on his desk as he said.

" You see that note there? " Nero pointed at it. Sparda turned his head to look at it.

" Yes. What about it? "

" By chance, do you have any idea who wrote it? " Sparda picked up the note and read it over, then he flipped it over and found the name on the back of it.

" Hmmm... Who gave this to you? "

" Dunno who he was... Just said something about him " Nero nodded his head at Vergil.

" Why would he mention Vergil? "

" I honestly have no idea. Now that I know Vergil is Dante's brother I almost thought it had something to do with Yamato being his sword but... "

" Do you remember what this man looked like... " Sparda paused

" Nero.. " Dante interrupted.

" What? " Nero looked at Dante.

" Oh no sorry I was just telling pops your name kid.. " Dante laughed slightly as Nero sneered at him and made a motion like he would punch him from his spot on the couch.

" Nero... " Sparda called. Nero stopped and looked back at him. " Can you? "

" Well... There's not much to describe. He was wearing a long black cloak with a hood pulled up over his head so I couldn't really see his face... "

" I see... "

" So do you know who wrote it? "

" The hand writing looks familiar... " Nero's heart skipped a beat. Finally he was getting somewhere.

" Really? "

" Yes... Nero I must warn you now if you see this man again do not associate yourself with him. "

" Why not? "

" If this is from who I think it is then it can only mean that something very bad is about to happen... You must keep away from him... " Nero looked down at the floor with a look of great upset.

" Kyrie... "

" Who is Kyrie? "

" She's my girlfriend... She was the one who answered the door and spoke to him before I got there and took the note from him... "

" Where is she? "

" Back in Fortuna... "

" You live in Fortuna? "

" Yes... "

" You're quite a ways from home young man... "

" I know... I really needed Dante's help though... " Nero ran his hands through his hair " Oh Kyrie... What's gonna happen to her if he shows up at the house while I'm not there to protect her? "

" I couldn't tell you to get your hopes up that you'd see her alive again... "

" Pops that's not gonna make him feel better about this situation... " Dante scolded

" Lecturing me now are you Dante? " Sparda rebuked

" I'm just saying he's really bothered by this... " Dante looked at Nero who was rocking back and forth a little. " Nero... " he got up and sat beside him putting one arm on his shoulders. " Nero don't worry we'll get to her and bring her down here where she'll be safe... "

" Dante how could I have been so stupid? I knew I shouldn't have left her there... I knew that something like this was going to happen I should have gone with my gut and just called you instead... " He rambled

" Nero not even you could have predicted that this would happen it's not your fault... " A sudden knock on the door made Dante turn his head. " Verg... Can you? " Vergil nodded getting up and walking to the door. Dante turned his attention back to Nero. " Nero. Kid listen Kyrie will be fine. Get dressed and we'll both go back to Fortuna and get her alright? "

" But... I just... I can't believe I left her... Anything could happen to her in the five hours it takes to get back to Fortuna.... "

" Kid... She'll be fine don't jinx your-... " Vergil's sudden slamming the door cut Dante off.

" Dante.... You need to take a look at this... " Vergil held a small envelope in his hands. Similar to the one Nero brought with him before. Dante got up and paced over to Vergil taking the envelope and looking at the letter inside. He compared it to the other in his mind then he slowly looked at Vergil then turned his head to Nero.

" What... What is it? " Nero asked fearing what Dante had in his hands.

" Nero... Don't panic OK? " Dante said in a calm voice. He strode back over to Nero and handed him the letter. Nero looked at the letter then back at Dante. " You gonna read it? " Nero slowly turned his attention back to the letter and opened it cautiously. The further into the letter he read the more his heart sank. He choked back tears then threw the letter to the floor and got up, flipping the other couch over as he walked passed it and collapsed to his hands and knees in anguish.

" Let me see the letter Dante " Sparda ordered. Dante quickly grabbed the letter and brought it to his father. Sparda's eyes scanned over it then he lowered his head slightly before looking at Nero. " Oh dear... This is not good... " Dante walked over to Nero who was now sobbing uncontrollably

" Nero... " He said quietly. Nero didn't answer. " Nero. " He said again a little louder. Finally Nero managed to answer him through the lump in his throat.

" They got her... They've got Kyrie.... "

Alright So Here's The End OF Part 4 -laughs- I'm In A Rather Creative Mood Right Now So I May End Up Typing Part 5 But Who Knows. Anyways Yes So Now There Is More To Look Forward To, Well For The Readers Anyways I Doubt Very Much That Nero Is Looking Forward To The Next Part XD -falls over laughing now-

As Usual Hope You're All Enjoying This Little Fan Fiction Of Mine. It's The First Of My Fan Fics To Actually Make It To A Part 4 So Who Knows Maybe This One Will Actually Make It From Start To Finish

(c) Night Conner Sparda/Cassius, Shion "Desiree" Lynn Taylor, Tito, The Black Panther, Lavinia Conner, McKenndra "Mac", Memphis/Tim Anders, Red Eyes, Summit/Damian, Fin/Lucien, Crasious/Mike Anders, Cruesoe, Jesileth/William, Ceirek, Palomar, Ethan, Jonathan/Jon, King Cujo, Vinicerik, Viker, Cassandra Kit, Larissa Kit, Uriel Ishmadien, Cassius and Eva (Night and Cassandra's children), The Akanian Race, Vergil's Restitution look, DMCR series and any installments to the series plus any names/places/races/things not canon to the Devil May Cry series that appear here and/or on the individual chapters themselves are all copyright to Ember Peckham (( Bones // Shion ))

(c) Devil May Cry, DmC and all associated places/names/characters are all copyright to Capcom, Ninja Thery and their respective associates. All rights reserved


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"I don't know about LEGEND...but yes I am Sparda."

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I don't like it. I LOVE it. XD Seriously, it's very entertaining. If it wasn't...I wouldn't keep going. Stories that bore me I end up quiting after two or three chapters LOL
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At Any Rate I'm Glad You're Enjoying The Story :3 I Should Have Part Five Up Soon e.e If I Can Think Of A Good Opener For It...
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