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December 14, 2012
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“Great, just great.” You growl as you stomp your way forward. This was the LAST thing you had in mind when you set out on your walk earlier today but here you were, and there wasn’t much you could do about it now.

It was hard to admit it to yourself but at this point there really was no other way to put it; you were lost. Lost in the forest in the middle of winter and to make matters worse, the sun was starting to set making it harder to see through the thicket before you and not to mention it was a heck of a lot colder than when you started. Determined as you were though you weren’t about to let a little darkness and cold get between you and that nice cozy bed you had waiting for you back in your room.

Ahh...You could picture it now, so vividly you could practically FEEL the softness of your (blanket colour) blanket, the squishy pillows and the warmth from the heating vents toasting the place to bake the chill out of your bones after a nice hot shower. As if to try and clutch onto that warm feeling you got from the mere thought of a shower and the bed in your room you close your eyes and tuck your hands under your arms to keep the cold off your fingers, all the while trudging forward through the knee deep snow all around you.

All the while completely unaware of how your life was about to change forever with the first cracks of the ice.

Perhaps you should have tried paying a LITTLE more attention, and then maybe then you would have seen the thin sheet of ice you had just walked on before you heard the deafening crack that echoed through the forest as it shattered like glass under your weight. As your body plummeted into the frigid icy waters you could feel the sting of the cold piercing through every layer of clothing you wore. Out of the shock you gasped and started to choke on the mouthful of icy liquid making its rude intrusion into your lungs ceasing your breathing and forcing you into a state of panic.

You struggled to surface but you could feel the strength in your limbs fading quickly, your vision and hope slowly fading alongside it with every flail of your arms and legs. You thought for sure you were done for and you started closing your eyes and willing the world away with all your might in the hopes that it would be over soon as you black out... But.

The next thing you know you’re coughing, shaking and thoroughly confused staring at the ground. Cold and wet; that was the best way you could describe yourself when you finally realized you were laying face first in the snow littering the shore of the pond you had just fallen into. Slowly you prop yourself up on your forearms and look around trying to figure out exactly WHAT had just happened.

The snow still glittered all around you, the only prints disturbing the surface being your own from your long trek but what confuses you the most is the pond when your (eye colour) eyes trail to it. Behind you the hole in the ice where you had just fallen through is completely iced over again leaving absolutely no trace of your near death experience moments ago. Astonished you open and close your mouth giving a good fish out of water impression as you try to figure out how you were still alive but your thought process is disrupted when a voice echoes behind you.

“You need to be more careful...” The male voice commented. Slowly you turn your head and your eyes fall upon a silver haired male with glacier blue eyes crouched down just to your left. He held a staff in his right hand and was clad in a blue hoodie decorated with frost and a pair of brown slacks torn at the ankles leaving his bare feet exposed to the elements. Startled you jump back making the male jump back a bit in surprise himself. He looks behind him then back to you as if he’s trying to discern whether or not you’re really looking at HIM and not something or someone AROUND him before he speaks again. “Can... Can you see me?” He asks, his tone a mix between curiosity, excitement and astonishment.

“W-what?” You stammer through chattering teeth now fully aware of just HOW cold you really are. Thinking he must be deranged you shake your head and cock a brow up in disbelief. “Of c-course I can s-see you. Why is that so s-shocking?” The male leans a little closer to you, a small smile creasing his lips as he narrows his eyes at you.

“You... You can actually SEE me!” He repeats with a little more excitement. Shaking your head again you try and stand yourself up as much as your frozen, numb limbs will let you and give him an incredulous stare.

“I already told you I c-could didn’t I?” You say as you wrap your arms tightly around your body to try and lock in any remaining warmth you may have left. At this the male stands and you can see clearly now just how tall and lanky he is, the smile on his face only growing to the point of showing off his nearly perfect pearly teeth with his mounting excitement. A little confused by him you take a step back and look him up and down, trying hard to ignore the fact that you find him rather appealing. “What?” You finally ask after a moment of him simply staring at you. He seems a little embarrassed but is quick to shake it off before replying.

“Are you alright?” He asks. You slowly nod your head but stop yourself partway when a rather large shiver crawls up your spine making you shake even harder. “You’re not a very good liar.” He said as he took a few steps towards you. “What’s your name?” He inquires.

“(Y-Your name)...” You stutter. “And y-you? Who are you?” You ask in return as you rub your arms in an effort to heat them up. The male seems a little discouraged now as he sighs and shakes his head.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” He says. You stubbornly furrow your brow at this and glare intensely at him which seems to make him a little nervous.

“I don’t accept that.” You managed to say without letting your teeth chatter. “You know who I am now but I still don’t know who you are, how’s that fair?” He seemed to consider your words carefully for a moment before taking a deep breath like he was preparing himself for something and saying.

“My name is Jack Frost.” He leaned against his staff a bit when he finished and braced himself for the ensuing laughter and was shocked when you simply nodded your head.

“Jack Frost?” You repeated and he nodded in return. “Like the Viking legend of Jokul Frosti?” Now it was Jack’s turn to wear the confusion on his face and he tilted his head at your words.

“Uhh.. I don’t know anything about a Viking legend.” He said, the confusion evident in his tone. “But yes, something like that anyways.” When he finished you narrowed your eyes at him, this person before you claiming to be a winter spirit and just couldn’t help the doubt settling in your mind.

“So you want me to believe that y-you’re a w-winter spirit?” You asked, the chill returning to your body.

“I said you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” He replied, obviously not surprised by your response. Now you felt a bit guilty and the look he had in his eyes didn’t help your situation at all, so you decided to give him a chance to prove this to you.

“Alright.” You started making the male look up at you once more. “If you really ARE Jack Frost, then prove it.” At this he seemed to light up and practically jumped towards you with a smile on his face once more.

“Sure! How d’you want me to prove it to you (your name)?” He asked. His enthusiasm almost made you regret asking and you were about to turn around and run but, that was before you noticed that he was floating at least three feet off the ground. Gasping you stepped back, your hands flying to your mouth in shock.

“H-how are you doing that?!” You gaped. The male looked down at his feet and flexed his toes before looking back up at you with an even bigger grin.

“With magic.” He said without a hint of hesitation. “I can call the wind to help me fly.” Now he extended his hand to you, never once losing his smile. “Is that proof enough or do you want me to do something else to?”

“Umm...” You started still a little shocked by the sight of him floating in the air like this. “I... I dunno.” You were trying not to admit that you believed him now so you tried to remember everything you had heard about Jack Frost from the legends you’d seen around. ’He’s supposed to be a spirit of winter so...’ “How about.. The trees?” The male cocked his head to the right.

“What about them?” He asked excitedly.

“Freeze them.” You replied. “If you want me to b-believe that you’re really J-Jack Frost, then freeze the trees.” You nodded your head to the trees around you both, the males eyes following your movements before you both made eye contact again.

“Alright.” He said landing on the ground and throwing his staff up on his shoulder. “Pick a tree!” He called. You let your eyes wander around from tree to tree until you settled on a birch tree just to your left.

“That one.” You said pointing to the white bark. With a nod the male waltzed over to said tree and tapped it once with the end of his staff leaving a fernlike pattern upon the wood that crawled across the trunk and down the branches until the whole tree was covered in ice.

Slowly you approached the now frozen tree in awe. Cautiously you reach out to touch it almost afraid you could break it with too rough a touch and gently run your fingers over the ice encasing the bark giving the tree a crystal-like appearance.

“Do you like it?” His voice right beside your head startled you but the gentle smile on his face seemed to calm you down. All you could do was stare deep into his blue eyes and nod in astonishment making the male chuckle. “So you believe me now, right?”

“I...” You thought about it once more just to add to the growing curiosity you could see in his eyes before deciding you’d finally admit it after a loud sneeze. “Yes. I just don’t... Why are you here?” You finally managed to ask him.

“Well I’ve been following you since you came into the forest.” Jack started. “I was a little worried when I realized you were lost so I decided to keep an eye on you just in case you needed my help...” Jack then turned his eyes to the pond and a hint of sorrow crept into his eyes. “Seems it was a good thing I did or you would have drowned...”

“W-wait.” You stammered whipping your head back around to look him in the eye again. “You... YOU’RE the one that pulled me out of the water?” Jack nodded slowly and scratched the back of his head.

“Yeah, that was me.” He replied. “Speaking of your little fall though.” He paused and scooped you up in his arms catching you completely off guard. “I should get you home before you freeze to death.”

“Jack wait!” You shrieked as he started floating again. “I don’t think-...” You were cut off by Jack’s jovial laughter.

“Relax (your name)! I wouldn’t let you fall!” He said with a big grin. “Just hang on tight.” With a wink Jack tightened his grip on you and took off into the night sky, the sound of the wind whipping passed your ears and Jack’s own laughter drowning out your shrieks of protest.


By the time Jack reached your home it was well past three in the morning. Quietly he descended down onto the roof of your house where he set you down so he could open your window, after which he picked you up again and carried you into your warm room.

“Try not to get lost again on your walk.” He said mischievously as he turned to leave. Almost instinctually you grabbed Jack’s sleeve halting his attempt to go.

“Jack wait!” You said, pulling your hand back when you realized you had his wrist. “H.... How did you know where I live?” You asked. At this Jack turned to face you, a gentler smile gracing his lips as he looked you in the eye with a sheepish but almost loving look in his eyes.

“I MAY have been a little untruthful when I said I’d been keeping an eye on you in the forest...” He said, his face mere inches away from yours now. “Truth is I’ve been watching over you for a while now...” Your eyes widen at this and your breath catches in your throat as he rests his forehead against yours.

“Really?” You ask when your throat finally releases your voice. Jack nods as he brings his body closer to yours, the sheepish look in his eyes intensifying a bit.

“Can I...” Jack paused. “Can I ask you for a favour (your name)?” Silently you nod which helped settle Jack’s unease a bit. “Would you...” Again he paused and he closed his eyes like he needed a moment to compose himself.

“Would I what?” You asked urging him to continue. Finally Jack opened his eyes again and he took a breath before finishing his thought.

“Would you humour me for a moment? I want to try something.” He replied. You hesitated for only a moment but again silently nodded your head making Jack smile. Slowly and steadily Jack raised his right hand and cupped your cheek, his left snaking around you to find it’s place on the small of your back to pull you flush against him. You were about to ask him what he was doing when the sudden cold of his lips on yours ceased all thoughts in your head.

His mouth was cool like ice, his breath like the frosty wind in a blizzard and his tongue felt like a dripping icicle hanging from a tree branch. You were so lost in the kiss that you didn’t even realize your hands hand found their way to his chest, his skin like a thin layer of ice on a puddle. Jack’s hand moved to the back of your head tilting it back to deepen the kiss making you gasp a bit and take in a bit of his scent, the smell of a cold winter and frozen trees. It was so unique and pleasing to your senses you almost didn’t want to let go but the need for air made you both pull away leaving your chest heaving and your face flushed red.

When you looked back up at the winter spirit you couldn’t help but bite your lip to try and hide the grin threatening to spread on your face when you saw the satisfied gleam on Jack’s. He certainly wasn’t making it easy to say goodbye to him was he?

“Promise you’ll come back Jack?” You begged as he leapt onto your window.

“Hey, I’m always around whether you see me or not.” He smiled. “I’ll be back before you know it...” When Jack turned around and placed a tender kiss upon your hand to seal his promise to you any sadness you felt when you waved goodbye melted with the frost he’d left on your window as he flew off into the rising sun, the sun that seemed to sear his last few words to you as he disappeared into the sky into your heart.

Just keep one eye on the sky...
EDIT: Holy crab balls guys, 331 faves in 17 hours?! Holy crap, I think that's the most faves one of my works had acquired in that short amount of time ever! lol Thanks for reading it everyone ;D

A little reader insert of Jack Frost for all my fellow Frostie fangirls lol I know it's not QUITE like the other reader inserts I've made but I didn't think that I should take it THAT far with Jack, at least not yet given who his fan base consists of mostly :'D He's not like Dante or Vergil or Nero so I didn't think it would be appropriate right now...

Maybe I'll make another that goes a little further xD

Anywho, enjoy my lovelies~! I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with this but if I DO decide to make a continuation to this you'll be able to find the link to the new piece down below.

Also I apologize if I happen to edit this off and on : P I'm a perfectionist and I may want to fix things as I go... ;A;


(c) Keep One Eye on the Sky copyright to Amber Peckham

(c) Jack Frost, Rise of the Guardians copyright to DreamWorks, William Joyce and their respective associates. All rights reserved.


Act 1: Viewing

Act 2: [link]
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